• Marswalk 办公空间

    Marswalk Office

    上海 黄浦区

    480㎡ / 2022建成 / 工程总包与二次深化



    施工管理团队: 徐超 王潇雅 许铭辉



    MarsWalk 玛斯沃克企业管理是一家资本投资行业的新贵,其办公空间融合了现代、数字化、艺术收藏、东方式景观等诸多元素,赋予互联网资本年轻且精致的空间质感。


    MarsWalk Enterprise Management is a rising star in the capital investment industry. Its office space integrates various elements such as modernity, digitization, art collection, and oriental landscapes, providing a young and refined spatial atmosphere for the internet capital.